Jenny Staff

Creative Play

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Walking out onto the South Downs to combine the act of walking and creating to site eggshell nests into the landscape. Delicate and yet very hardy they are are a marker of seasons moving and a marker of where i can walk to and strengthen my recovery.  Filled with soft human hair - will return to see what happens.

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Discover Secret Agent

Spent last evening exploring the exciting world of detective skills at the launch of Secret Agents at Discover Stratford. Working with my crew to track criminals, read code, design machines and shut down the evil plans of Dr. Iscove designed by the amazing Peter Greenwood. In my new found role of spy I intend to investigate the thrilling world of creative play and relay to you all through this new site.

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creating golden joy with my mother to create the taste of my childhood with an old family recipe – revisiting recipes and pans that have been used for generations (nearly 70 year old ex-nappy pan – for boilings!)
putting myself back into a meditative process of cutting, boiling and experimenting to create something to share.